Veracity Studio

Stories Matter.


Our Mission

Veracity Studio has years of experience in taking your ideas and developing them into compelling messaging and visuals. Whether you are looking for a short introductory film to raise awareness about your business, develop a brand loyalty video with custom messaging and script writing, or capture your important corporate event, the creative team at Veracity is available. We will work with you to capture the essence of your business to produce captivating photos and videos tailored for your clients. We want to leave viewers not only aware, but interested, eager, and inspired to learn more.


Our Goals

Our goal is to breathe life into the branding of your business through the power of storytelling. We strive to


Maintain a High ROI for Your Business


Impress & Engage Your Customers


Make The Collaboration Painless


Branding Matters.




In 2017, Veracity Studio was created to serve organizations we care about by crafting valuable stories for corporate media production. Originally operating under the JPG Photo & Video brand, Veracity was conceived to devote our exclusive attention to corporate and non-profit clients. With more than 14 years experience servicing quality organizations, we are dedicated to helping you tell your story.